Introducing Exercise Consulting

A Smarter Way To Get Better.

How It Works

1. Come in for an evaluation with a highly qualified physical therapist.

2. Do online exercise program with videos, feedback, and checkpoints along the way - come back in for more treatment whenever you need. 

3. Get better.


  • $25 for the initial evaluation 

  • $199/month for the online exercise program

  • $95 for each follow-up appointment

Exercise Consulting with Boom Therapy is a 12-week personalized, online exercise program designed to give you all the tools you need to reach your goals. 

  • Daily-updated, progressive exercises to keep you engaged and accountable. 

  • All the equipment necessary to ensure that nothing holds you back from reaching your goals, including resistance bands, stretch out straps, foam rollers, exercise balls and more. 

  • Access to your physical therapist to answer questions, update your program and ensure you are staying committed to getting better. 

How It Works

  • Visit us in-clinic for an initial evaluation with a doctor of physical therapy. 

  • Receive access to a personalized 12-week exercise program designed by your physical therapist within 24 hours. 

  • Complete 5 workouts per week for 12 weeks with weekly check-ins and monthly tracking to ensure you are meeting your goals. 

One visit. One Price. Everything you need. 

- One Visit. - Come in for an evaluation and examination with a highly skilled physical therapist and develop a plan of action. 

- One Price. - $299 + Equipment

- Everything You Need. - Receive all the tools and equipment you need to complete your exercise plan.

Money Back Guarantee: If you are unsatisfied with your exercise plan or your experience with Boom Therapy we will gladly refund the entire cost of your plan within 30 days of the scheduled completion of your program.